Brain Tumors are real things that people get

i have learned a lot about Brain Tumors since being in a band called Brain Tumors. the first is that you should never tell people the name of your band because they will inevitably find your blog where you admit to being a loser. the second is that you should never tell people the name of your band because many people know someone with brain tumors.

having brain tumors, as ive read, is one of the worst things that can happen to  you. i’m pretty sure most people already know that and that’s part of the reason this band is called “Brain Tumors”. we are terrible and all of us feel like there is something wrong with our brains. at least one member of this band has had a physician tell them that there is something physically wrong with his brain. so it kind of fits.

someone wrote to me over Email and asked us to link her daughter’s blog. i told her that we are a punk band but we would do it anyway. so here it is.

“Get Through it Together is a brain tumor support blog. It gives brain tumor patients a place to start in their journey with cancer. The website is based on the experience of the Ritoch family, who’s oldest daughter Misha was diagnosed with a brain stem glioma at four months old. The doctors predicted that she wouldn’t live, but her parents would not accept that. They made sure they did everything to make sure Misha would survive. The father, Michael, created his own brain tumor board and basically directed how Misha’s treatments were going to go. It all paid off because Misha is now tumor free and thriving.

Now their youngest daughter Anna uses that information and relays it on the Get Through it Together webpage, which you can visit here:

She posts regularly on her blog about new brain tumor updates on treatments that patients can use in the near future and on ways to support brain tumor research. Currently, she is promoting a petition she created to get Congress to put more money into brain tumor research. The link to that petition can be found here:

Please visit the Get Through it Together website if you know anyone who has or had a brain tumor. And sign the petition; there needs to be more awareness and support for brain tumor research.
Thank you again for helping me. I know you are a punk band and this is not what you usually do, but I greatly appreciate your help.
Anna Ritoch” 

so fuck it, sign a petition. life sucks enough without having your brain full of tumors.

oh and before you yell at me, im not uhhhhh “poking fun” or “taking the piss out of” anyone by posting a Birth Deformities song. i just think this band is aces.

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