tour dates


8/22 – Minneapolis, MN at Club Med w/ Organized Sports, Male Nurses, Subclinix, Cokskar
8/23 – Chicago, IL at Archer Nemesis w/ Male Nurses, Subclinix, Culo, Poor Choice
8/24 – Columbus, OH w/ Male Nurses, Subclinix
8/25 – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Drug Lust, Means To An End
8/26 – Brooklyn, NY at Stolen Sleeves Collective w/ Deathrats, State Violence
8/27 – Philadelphia, PA at Dad’s House w/ Leather
8/28 – Washington, DC w/ Dirty Wars, Booze Riot
8/29 – Richmond, VA w/ Unholy Thoughts
8/30 – Raleigh, NC at The Union w/ Shards, Lung Matter
8/31 – Asheville, NC w/ Pox
9/1 – Nashville, TN at Little Hamilton w/ Fucked Ethos
9/2 – Kansas City, MO w/Negative Degree, Ego Complex
9/3 – St. Louis, MO w/ Negative Degree, Ego Complex, Cardiac Arrest
9/4 – death, forever, in hell, w/ satan while demons mosh

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