Brain Tumors are real things that people get

i have learned a lot about Brain Tumors since being in a band called Brain Tumors. the first is that you should never tell people the name of your band because they will inevitably find your blog where you admit to being a loser. the second is that you should never tell people the name of your band because many people know someone with brain tumors.

having brain tumors, as ive read, is one of the worst things that can happen to ¬†you. i’m pretty sure most people already know that and that’s part of the reason this band is called “Brain Tumors”. we are terrible and all of us feel like there is something wrong with our brains. at least one member of this band has had a physician tell them that there is something physically wrong with his brain. so it kind of fits.

someone wrote to me over Email and asked us to link her daughter’s blog. i told her that we are a punk band but we would do it anyway. so here it is.

“Get Through it Together is a brain tumor support blog. It gives brain tumor patients a place to start in their journey with cancer. The website is based on the experience of the Ritoch family, who’s oldest daughter Misha was diagnosed with a brain stem glioma at four months old. The doctors predicted that she wouldn’t live, but her parents would not accept that. They made sure they did everything to make sure Misha would survive. The father, Michael, created his own brain tumor board and basically directed how Misha’s treatments were going to go. It all paid off because Misha is now tumor free and thriving.

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8/16/12, 8/17/12, 8/18/12 – (Part 1) TOTAL FEST, Missoula, MT – Lecherous Gaze, Tenement, Iron Lung, Big Eyes, White Wards, The Funeral and the Twilight, White Walls, and some other shit

we woke up in Bozeman, grabbed our shit, and left The Funeral and the Twilight sleeping at the house in the mess of our garbage.
i talked to two guys who were driving from Alaska to Arizona and…maybe Colorado to go back to college. they seemed moronic from the ride and sat and stared at their cooler full of rotting lunch meat – what would certainly happen to our own cooler of cheese and deluxe veal hot dogs in due time.

i also found this fantastic piece of artwork sitting on the wall. it’s irritating going out to these little cities that i’m likely not going to end up in and seeing all sorts of memorable, picture-worthy art and knowing it was probably just some stoned kid in his first year at the local community college. no doubt they will grow up to be boring and only chat about the times they did drugs and made art in the event that they have to get a job at a restaurant. but, this is how it goes. Continue reading

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8/15/12 – Bozeman, MT w/ The Funeral and the Twilight, Beneath the Kraken

ah, i fucking hate this day. i really do. the day itself wasn’t terrible and we had a great time as we always do. but i hate this day simply because i have to write about it and in turn, say some not so positive things.

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8/14/12 – Minot w/ Mr. Dad, Japaniel Flatsen, Max Patzner, Chapstick

we drove to Minot, ND. it took five hours. there were gas stations. max continued farting. these are truly tales from the road.

but eventually, we arrived in Minot, ND, which was a place I was eager to learn more about due to its’ reputation for absolutely nothing. all i had known is that recently there was a large fest in Minot called “Why Not Minot” that some of our friends recently played at. i can’t imagine it was anything less than an awesome time because, lets face it, what the fuck else was going on over those few days? i’m sure it’s the kind of setting where it’s a bunch of freaks from all walks of life and death, saving their pennies and dimebags for the big music fest. i’m not being condescending – it sounds like a good time. Continue reading

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maximum rocknroll

so this shit is pretty cool. probably everyone has seen it. but its still pretty cool. if for some reason you have not seen this, you should try to be more punk in the future

also to pay tribute to our former drummer, Tim Java, we will post a picture of one of his successes:

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8/13/12 – Fargo, ND – Cruddy, Brother Nature, Fuck Detector

Danny Shithead was born,
watched a little TV, ate some food,
then died.

– future gravestone of our drummer, dan

we started our journey late and in a rare move, overprepared. i went out and spent $200 or so on cheese, veal hot dogs, spaghetti, sunscreen, gummy fiber tabs, gummy bacterial cultures for your stomach, multivitamins, olive oil, and all sorts of other things that were lost or that are now sitting in my cupboard. we didn’t stop at any garage sales to buy stupid hats and we didn’t do anything dumb along the way other than worry about the 30 year old van we were taking out. i dont remember the order of who we picked up first, who pissed me off first, who wasted time getting ready (wait, it was me), or any other details other than i was sick the morning we left. Continue reading

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tour is over

tour is over. special thanks to maximum rocknroll for being cool. organized sports for being a good band. the funeral and the twilight for being cool and a good band. and a ton of other fuckers – i cant even count how many great people we met and great bands we played with.

there will be more aimless rambling about dumb shit in dumb places coming soon. it was all documented in my notebook of idiocy, kept in my back pocket, always in danger of sliding out into a puddle of urine while i took a shit in some grimey bathroom in rural area


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5/20/12 – St Louis & 5/21/12 – Iowa City – Who Fucking Cares?, Overdoser, Gluebag & Big Box, Los Voltage

8/13 – Fargo, ND at Slabafuca House w/ Fuck Detector, Brother Nature, Cruddy
8/14 – Minot, ND at Pangea House w/ Mr. Dad, Chapstick, Japaniel Flatzen, Max Paxtner, Opposition Out
8/15 – Bozeman, MT w/ The Funeral and the Twilight
8/16 – Total Fest, Missoula, MT
8/17 – Total Fest, Missoula, MT
8/18 – Total Fest at Ole Beck VFW Post 209 w/ Walls, Dreamdecay, Big Fiction, VTO
8/19 – Seattle, WA at The Rendezvous w/ Totes Brutes, Botherations
8/20 – Olympia, WA at The Voyeur w/ White Walls, Nudes, Gag
8/21 – Portland, OR at The Know w/ Organized Sports, Bi-Marks
8/22 – Salem, OR at Val Cave
8/23 – Arcata, CA at The Big Tree w/ Komatose
8/24 – Davis, CA at Douglass Ave w/ Yi, Dreams Dean
8/25 – Oakland, CA at The Swamp w/ Stressors, Hunting Party
8/26 – San Francisco, CA at The Fortress w/ Coma, Caged Animal, Reckless
8/27 – Reno, NV at Ryan’s Saloon w/ Otis
8/28 – Salt Lake City, UT at The Underground w/ Gnawing Suspicion, Jawwzzz
8/29 – Denver, CO at Mouth House w/ Nose Bled, Negative Degree
8/30 – Omaha, NE at West Wing w/ Gag Reflex

5/20 – St. Louis

i can’t remember where i left off but it doesn’t matter. this is a tour blog, and a poorly kept one at that – not some academic paper. so i’ll start with the first interesting thing in my notebook, likely uttered by Dan, our drummer:

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a live human video

this was taken at MEDUDRHAFDNK which is a local underground art space where people smoke cigarettes

our bassist is not there and half way through the set i left, too. pat was also not there although he can be seen sort of playing guitar. skorpian from black metal champions FALSE and spazzygrindweirdos COKSKAR is on bass although im pretty sure he’s just hitting open chords

shit this is the first time ive ever heard FALSE, its pretty good.

i should probably lose some weight

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some nice pictures for you and your family

here is our 7″ cover. it was made by Dave Watt from Pittsburgh. he has a blog called Gutterly Fabulous and is in a band called GIRLFIGHT. it comes out in August. the record, not just the cover. or girlfight, or dave’s blog. i guess this paragraph could have been written a little better.

here is a picture taken by Adam DeGross where i am being hit with a chair. i will post pictures of the other members of brain tumors when they are photographed getting hit with a chair.

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