3/16/13 – Milwaukee, WI at Quarters w/ Soup Moat, Strange Matter, Total Trash

this is some shit that my work goes to every year. it is in St. Louis. my girlfriend is still watching Desperate Housewives. all of the women on this show look like puppies and all the men on this show look like dudes with goatees. Continue reading

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3/15/13 – Appleton, WI at The Maritime w/ Ratsak, Bag of Gremlins, The Cheep N Easyz, Sandusky Kids

as i said before, we completed another tour. i am going to try to be better about updating this in a timely way so that i am not still writing about last tour when we are preparing to go on another tour. anyway, ahead is our Appleton, Wisconsin shit. it contains death, disappearances, and a personal meltdown related to wordpress failing to embed a Helloween video. also, i am still writing for the Riverfront Times, the most punk weekly of the Village Voice series because it is based in the most punk place, St. Louis. here is an article i wrote about commercials terrorizing my fucking brain



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8/30/12 – Omaha, NE at West Wing w/ Gag Reflex, Diamondz R 4Eva

much like carving “megadeth” into the side of my car, i dont think i will ever regret sending emails like this. surprisingly, timmy, vice records, nor greg from southern lord responded to this email.

hey greg, have you ever listened to James Plotkin‘s Old Lady Drivers (ft Jason Everman from Nirvana and Soundgarden? shit kinda stands up

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8/29/12 – Denver, CO at Mouth House w/ Negative Degree, Nose Bled, Gravetorn

good old fanky malloon – posed for a picture at his favorite vacation spot, Casa Bonita.

never thought at the age of 29 i’d be listening to a new Mudhoney song.

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8/28/12 – Salt Lake City, UT at The Underground w/ Gnawing Suspicion, JAWWZZ

i feel a little stupid now, seeing as how we are leaving for tour again at the end of this week and i havent finished my punk rock homework of writing about all these places. i still have Denver and Omaha to hit, which I’m really hoping I should be able to bang out in a few days here. luckily, the longer tour goes, the worse my notes get and the more pictures i forget to take, allowing me to pretend that less happened than actually did.

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8/27/12 – Reno, NV at Ryan’s w/ Otis, DG Kicks

update on tour and shit.

3/15 Appleton, WI w/ Ratsak, Bag of Gremlins
3/16 Milwaukee, WI at Quarters w/ Total Trash, Soup Moat, Strange Matter
3/17 Chicago, IL at Albion House w/ Kontaminat, Bedsores, Laughboy
3/18 Detroit, MI at New Dodge Lounge w/Hoodrat, Raw Dogs, Karmic Lava
3/19 Cincinnati, OH at The Chameleon w/White Walls
3/20 Lexington, KY at Al’s Sidecar w/ Mayonnaise and Blood Pheasant
3/21 St Louis, MO at Bonerville w/Overdoser, Who Fucking Cares?, Killer Blow, Coaxed, Nos Bos
3/22 Birmingham, AL at Bottletree w/Anwar Sadat, Legion
3/23 New Orleans, LA at The Mushroom w/ Anne Frankenstein, New Lands
3/24 Houston, TX at White Swan w/ Iskallt Reg, Hel-Razor
3/25 Austin, TX at Hotel Vegas w/ Recide, Breakout, Crystal Shit
3/26 Denton, TX at Bruiser’s Dojo w/ Mean And Ugly, Chainchomp, Krokodil
3/27 Kansas City, MO at The Begle Shop w/ Occult Detective Club, Night Moves, Bad Mouth, Broken Rites
3/28 Omaha, NE w/ Bright Eyes, The Faint

come on out and dont hurt us because we dont have obamacare yet

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8/26/12 – San Francisco, CA at The Fortress w/ Caged Animal, Reckless, Coma

if anyone can get us a show with this band, Barb Wire Dolls, i will pay you $200. bonus if you can arrange an interview with the Andrew Dice Clay looking guitarist. this is about the next best thing to my idea stated a few posts back.

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a message from Stressors:

“Hey, it’s the guitarist of Stressors. Cool tour blog, I would write one if I had enough interesting things to say. However, the Hunting Party/No Statik connection is a little bit different than what you wrote. The singer of Hunting Party isn’t in No Statik, he’s actually married to their singer. I like the America comparison. Stuck in The Dessert is one of the few song written entirely by our singer, who was really into this weird Arizona band called Malignus Youth at the time. It’s from our old demo. Our other stuff doesn’t sound like that, though I’m glad you liked it.


The show you missed was sort of crazy. The singer for Urban Struggles not only broke a mirror at the space, he threw shards of it into the crowd and one kid got it right in the face. He was bleeding everywhere and has a facial scar now.

Anyways, it was cool playing with you guys, good luck in your future bands/tours/endeavors/life.”

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Tour dates

BRAIN TUMORS tentative fucking tour dates. contact TEENAGEIMPOTENTS $$$AT$$$ GMAIL.COM for help:

3/15 Madison, WI
3/16 Milwaukee, WI
3/17 Chicago, IL
3/18 Detroit, MI
3/19 Cincinnati, OH
3/20 Louisville, KY
3/21 St Louis, MO
3/22 Memphis, TN or Little Rock, AR
3/23 New Orleans, LA
3/24 Houston, TX
3/25 Austin, TX
3/26 Denton, TX
3/27 Kansas City, MO
3/28 Omaha, NE

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8/25/12 – Oakland, CA at The Swamp w/ Stressors, Hunting Party, Become

i want to sit here and do a post about how a bunch of bands are overrated, but instead i think i’m just pissed that i’m broke and that Brain Tumors never earns any money. basically, being in a band sucks but it is the only thing worth doing.

instead i talk to Mark from Negative Degree over the internet about how i dont like a bunch of shit. the truth is, we are all broke and these other bands never earns any moneys, neither. either. the shit dont happen. the shit dont happen. and thats probably for the best so none of us get cool.

cool is the enemy of the weird

i am housesitting in a place called Coon Rapids. when i moved to North Carolina, people frequently asked me about this city. they laughed at it because of the racial slur connotations of the city. if they had been here, they would laugh at it for being a dumb shithole. when you have to drive into Coon Rapids, you can tell because everyone is tailgating you. i respond to tailgaters the same way every time – slamming on the brakes and then preparing to jump out of the car and use joel’s broken bass neck to pummel someone.

ah shit, what a good song. anyway

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