MRI Lightpainting and unreleased versions of old songs

we get shunned by a lot of people. southern lord records, chaos in tejas, desperate bicycles, the legendary stardust cowboy (to name a few). however, there are some decent people out there that take an interest in us. i mean, aside from maximum rocknroll.

we’ve recently done some interviews and shit. i dont think any of them are in the U.S. but some of them are in the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, and some European shit. and for some reason this blog gets a lot of hits from Poland. anyway, i guess i just want to say that it’s “cool shit, man”. really, though. thanks to anyone who has ever cared about us, even if it is to come here and find some reason to dislike us

another site that has taken interest in us is this lightpainting outfit out of New York called MRI Lightpainting. my buddy Ryan is co-owner and one time i punched him in the chest so i could take a Soilwork record and buy it instead of him. he says i kicked him in the shins but whatever, i think that was over a different record

i make no secrets about being a metal dork and i was way into this album. ryan found it first at the store so i sort of beat him up and took it. also one time i couldnt get money out of an ATM so i punched a brick wall over and over again. i cant do that shit much anymore because i’ve broken my hand twice.

although to be fair, i did punch my windshield out about a week and a half ago.

anyway embarrassing personal shit aside, ryan’s Lightpainting outfit made some images that say “Brain Tumors” as part of a theme they’re running where they post unreleased tracks of bands they like and do a little portrait with them. here are two unreleased versions of the songs “Bulimaniac” and “Shitiots”. they were almost released on the LP but the fucking piece of shit who ripped us off, Tom from Dead Beat Records out of Cleveland, decided he didnt like them. anyway, here they are:

hey Tom, fuck you. and hey can someone ask Timmy why cant we play Chaos in Tejas? we’re going to show up there anyway and book a bunch of shows as “Chaos in Texas” and put all the bands youve ignored on it. which means it’ll just be us, Wild Child, and Much Worse drinking alone and staring at each other.


sup poland

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3 Responses to MRI Lightpainting and unreleased versions of old songs

  1. Marek from Poland says:

    Sup, B. Tumors? The traffic may be due to the fact that there are at least two Polish termboers and one guy in Wroclaw who’s always checking HC demos and stuff. Oh, and also you make good, raging music. That might also be the case.

  2. Drew says:

    we will come to poland some day and eat something weird

  3. Marek from Poland says:

    Can’t wait. Hit me up if you’d need a place to sleep.

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