tour is over

tour is over. special thanks to maximum rocknroll for being cool. organized sports for being a good band. the funeral and the twilight for being cool and a good band. and a ton of other fuckers – i cant even count how many great people we met and great bands we played with.

there will be more aimless rambling about dumb shit in dumb places coming soon. it was all documented in my notebook of idiocy, kept in my back pocket, always in danger of sliding out into a puddle of urine while i took a shit in some grimey bathroom in rural area


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2 Responses to tour is over

  1. Jaryd Ross says:

    Fucking love this blog. Next post. you should do a tally on all the injuries you guys received showing every other state how to properly fuck shit up and have a good time.

  2. DAvid says:

    this pic is retarded and cool! love you blood nasty!

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