maximum rocknroll

so this shit is pretty cool. probably everyone has seen it. but its still pretty cool. if for some reason you have not seen this, you should try to be more punk in the future

also to pay tribute to our former drummer, Tim Java, we will post a picture of one of his successes:

here he is with his other band, Battery, a famous DC straight edge band. errr i mean Darkest Hour. i am sorry if you think less of us now. if it makes you feel better we are stealing a riff from Crisis in one of our new songs. of course, we are posers so Dan and I thought immediately of the other Crisis. oh man. kinda sounds like Soulfly or Stuck Mojo or something. yeeeeeesh. its cool, Dan had a band once that toured with Otep.

Pat was probably just thinking about buying a pair of new shoes. or if he wasn’t, he should be. winter is coming, pat, and you will be fucked. hard to look cool with no feet, bro.

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