here is a link to our record we put out with DEAD BEAT RECORDS, the label that ripped us off by telling us we could buy more records at cost and then turned around and made us buy them for the same price as distros. again, this is DEAD BEAT RECORDS run by a guy named TOM.


three new songs, one re-recorded song, and the demo minus one song because Tom didn’t like it.

we also have two sets of tapes we just put out. the title is called “whatever man, fuck everything”. these are two different tapes with the same title because it is hard enough to come up with one title. here are some pictures:

the tapes are available at our shows or from WILD CHILD on their tour:

5/23 Winona, MN
5/24 Chicago, IL
5/25 Iowa City, IA
5/26 St. Louis, MO
5/27 Kansas City, MO
5/29 Little Rock, AR
5/30 Denton, TX
5/31 Austin, TX
6/1 Austin, TX
6/2 Austin, TX
6/3 Austin, TX
6/4 Houston, TX
6/5 New Orleans, LA
6/6 Pensacola, FL
6/7 Gainesville, FL
6/9 Athens, GA
6/10 Raleigh, NC *HELP*
6/11 Richmond, VA *HELP*
6/12 Baltimore, MD *HELP*
6/14 New York, NY
6/15 Philadelphia, PA
6/16 New Brunswick, NJ
6/17 New York, NY
6/18 Pittsburgh, PA *HELP*
6/19 Cleveland, OH *HELP*
6/20 Detroit, MI *HELP*
6/21 Chicago, IL
6/22 Milwaukee, WI

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